GIS Planet is a company owned by Jelmer Oosthoek, a geo-information expert. He has many years of experience in the field of GIS automation and spatial analysis, see the GIS page. Jelmer is currently finishing his PhD and is therefore only available part-time. His PhD work involves a geological investigation of the planet Mars. See the Mars page for his scientific work.
Next to a clear interest in space exploration Jelmer wants to contribute ‘down to earth’ to a sustainable human future on our own planet. Especially in the field of circular economy in which geo-information can play a big role. He is also available for other work fields.

Work experience:

  • Spatial analysis using QGIS & ArcGIS
  • Automation and data conversion using Python (ArcPy | GDAL/OGR | PyQGIS)
  • Developing ArcGIS Python add-ins & QGIS Python plugins
  • Online WebGIS development (PHP/JS/Python | OpenLayers/Leaflet | WMS/WFS/WCS/WPS/WCPS | MapServer/GeoServer/rasdaman | X3D | SQL/PostGIS/CartoDB)
  • Experience with various Dutch GIS datasets (vector, point cloud, raster)
  • Planetary geological mapping and analysis of the surface of the planet Mars. Experience with visualizing and interpreting of various types of satellite datasets from Mars (visual and infrared photography data | DTMs | multi & hyperspectral | ground penetrating radar)


Company information:
Owner: Jelmer Oosthoek
Dutch chamber of commerce #63114488